Low Budget, Documentary Film, Underwater Camera

About Water and Dreams by Christoph Fleischer

I got ask to support for some days as a underwater cameraman for this documentary film project. I've never seen people building their own submarine from scratch before. Participating during their test dives and test emergency exits wasn't only thrilling for the people infront of the lens.

Director: Christoph Fleischer
Cinematography: Malte Pröckl
Underwater Camera: Miguel Löhmann
Production: Christoph Fleischer

Industry, Feature Film, 1. Assistant Camera

Dolls of Dresden (2023)

Originally requested to help with some specific car rigs by by actor and German Coproducer Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, I got involved as a 1. Assitant Camera into this feature film production. The production turned out with many joyful intercultural encounters and I'm still happy that we met as filmmakers and new friends from Greece and Germany. In November 2023 we celebrated the premiere at Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Director: Alexis Tsafas
Acting: Christina Sotiriou, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Carlotta Bähre
Cinematography: Antonis Kounellas
Assistant Camera & Keygrip: Miguel Löhmann
Producer: Giorgos Kalomenopoulos (2K films)

Industry, Documentary Intro, Camera Operator

Born for this (2022)

As Gaffer and 2nd Camera Operator I participated on this DFB and ARD Documentary project. The Warner Brothers team asked to produce an Intro Scene for their documentary. Shortly before the FIFA Women's World Cup we've spend some time with the Female German Soccer Team to shoot these scenes.

Director: Florian Arndt
Cinematography: Lukas Fritzsch, Miguel Löhmann
Gaffer: Miguel Löhmann
Assisant Camera: Marius Richter
VFX: Matthias Weiner
Production Company: SONS, Warner Brothers

Industry, Music Video, Gaffer

Musso - Verändert

With a team from Vienna, Munich and Leipzig we gathered in Mannheim to shot a music video for German Rapper "Musso". While reciving insights into the Mannheim hood life it was sometimes difficult to differentiate acting and reality. Nevertheless: the catchy sound accompanied me for the upcoming weeks.

Cinematography: Shereazy
Art Directing: Musso
Gaffer: Miguel Löhmann
Best Boy: Maximilian Raible
Production: The PSB, Universal

ARD MDR, Music Video, Camera Operator

Jiska - Girl Next Door (New Music Award 2022)

As a camera operator I participated in this music video as part of "New Music Award 2022" by MDR. With muscians like Jiska and nine other talents we produced in total ten music videos for the show. Without a great time this wouldn't have been possible.

Director: Roman Rögner
Cinematography: Lukas Fritzsch & Miguel Löhmann
Assisant Camera & Gaffer: Marius Richter
Production Company: SONS, MDR & ARD

ARD, MDR, Documentary, Camera Operator

East Side Stories - Standpunkte einer Generation

As a cinematographer I participated on this TV- and Online-Documentary. In cooperation with Jörg Junge, Jasmin Lakatos and a great team around the production company Hoferichter und Jacobs we created this insight.

Director: Jasmin Lakatoš, Lutz Hofmann, Marcus Fitsch
1st Camera: Jörg Junge, Eric Neugebauer, Lars Langer
2nd Camera: Julia Matyschik, Miguel Löhmann, Jan Rosemann
Production Company: Hoferichter und Jacobs

Industry, Commercial, Gaffer

Jomoo - Smart Bathing

I was involved in this trade show film as the gaffer. The film studio, which was specially built for the shoot, was illuminated in different colour modes depending on the mood (of the bathroom product).

Director: Roman Rögner
Cinematography: Karl Kubik
Gaffer: Miguel Löhmann
Production Company: Sons of Motion Pictures

Special thanks to MCA Leipzig, the actors and all the amazing other crew members.

Low-Budget, Documentary, Director of Photography

Orderbox - MDR Corona Creative

As director of photography I worked on this short documentary. the production time for film as orderbox was limited to two weeks only. Nevertheless, a short insight into the life of two hobbyists during the first lockdown can be found.

Director: Albrecht Bloße
Cinematography: Miguel Löhmann
Editor: Maximilian Raible

Industry, Commercial, Best Boy

Siemens MRI - Breaking Barriers

As Best Boy I supported parts of this product video with bombastic cinematic shots. At night we shot the bluish computer scenes in the impressive SANAA building in Essen.

Director: Roman Rögner
Cinematography: Lukas Fritzsch
Gaffer: Karl Kubik
Production Company: Sons of Motion Pictures

JOYN, TV Production, Best Boy

Joyn - Close Up, Yussuf Poulsen

As Best Boy I supported the first episode of Red Bull Media House Production "Close Up" on Joyn. At MCA Leipzig we built a cosy Interview Corner for the scoccer talent Yussuf Poulsen.

Director: Arne Tötz
Cinematography: Moritz Dehler
Gaffer: Stephan Conrad
Production Company: 27km

Industry, Commercial, 1. Assistant Camera, Grip

RB Leipzig - Hungry 4 More

As first camera assistant and Best Boy I participated in this extraordinary image film production. Within a few days, we met several top football stars of todays era. Getting to know the playful and warm-hearted professionals in the changing room also left a special impression.

Director: Florian Arndt
Cinematography: Lukas Fritzsch, Karl Kubik
Production Company: Sons of Motion Pictures

Low-Budget, Image, Director, Concept, Camera, Editor

Universität Leipzig, Forschungszentrum EC4SC

I created this image film for my old university professor and his research centre Entwicklungskommunikation - Communication For Social Change (EC4SC). The research is very close to my heart, as are the people involved there. With this image film, I hope that this so important branch of research will receive more of the publicity it deserves.

One Man Production: Miguel Löhmann

Low-Budget, Making-Of, Concept, Camera-operator

Koeln Business Making Of

As a behind the scenes camera operator I accompanied this varied shoot of the Koeln Business image film.
With great greenscreen work in the film studio, underwater or mid-air this Making-Of gives an insight into how commercial productions can look behind the scenes with a joyful team.

Concept and Camera: Miguel Löhmann
Narrator: Florian Arndt
Editor: Ines Goebel
Production Company: Sons of Motion Pictures

Industry, Commercial, 1. Assistant Camera

Clear Vision - Move On

As the First Assistant Camera I was part of this image film production. With locations in the middle of the swiss alps, an antique theatre or in the middle of the Zurich nightlife zone, this was a professional filmproduction almost a little class trip feeling.

Director: Florian Arndt
Cinematography: Karl Kubik
Production Company: Sons of Motion Pictures

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