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Miguel Löhmann

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Miguel Löhmann is a photographer, multimedia content creator and journalist based in Leipzig, Germany.

Orginally from Oldenburg (Oldb.) in Northwest Germany, he lived in Hannover (Ger), Hamburg (Ger), Dublin (IR) and several places in South Amerca. In 2017 he became a student in mass media communication and started in 2018 as a freelance photographer and filmmaker.

In film he mainly is part of the camera and light department. He did industry commercials or TV documentaries as gaffer and camera operator.

As a photographer he is focused on portrait and fashion works. Eventually some of his portrait work was published at ZEIT Online in 2020.

On days off you will find him near the water or mountains and doing adventure sports like climbing or free diving.

Mail: kontakt@miguelloehmann.de