A documentary that tells your story

With a still or motion picture documentary you can introduce yourself to others.

Who you are | What you are doing | What you are aiming for

In close cooperation we talk about the project. we set a clear framework where the statements should lead or leave it open how it can develop during the documentation process.

During the documentation process I will be the invisible eye and capture the photographs.
After a professional post-processing you will get exactly the documentation you want.

It's about you

Willingness to learn is the key to documentary filming. I am open-minded and would like to show your point of view.

Leipzig Based - Bookable Europe Wide

I live in Leipzig, but my workplace can be anywhere. I'll be glad to get to know your place!

Catchy Documentation

My job is to make your work understandable for others. That's why I give you professional advice and offer suitable solutions.

Let's talk about new ideas:

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